Engineering / Design

Our new Haas VF4 CNC vertical milling machine gives us the capability of making in-house custom tooling. We use CAD to design your shape which is then downloaded directly into the CNC machine for an efficient, cost effective process. With precise tooling operations, careful machine set up, and hi-tech computer controlled manufacturing, we operate with increasing productivity and accuracy while reducing lead times.
As times change, so does Taylor Packaging. With a Tooling and Engineering department boasting over 30 years of experience, TPC prides itself with instituting the latest in CAD/CAM technology.

TCP utilizes a highly precise 3-D scanner which will accelerate the design of custom products as well as sure accuracy. After scanning is complete, the data is processed into a 3-D image. Then with the use of CAD/CAM software, TPC is quickly able to design a custom cavity specifically for your product. This allows us to provide custom clamshell design for prototyping in a timely manner. Upon customer approval, our final step produces your custom cavities in one of our state of the art CNC machines. Using this process, this allows us to produce custom packages that are highly accurate and identical in form while keeping your tooling cost minimal.

The Thermoforming Specialists with the Patented VersaCLAM™ Technology

Our focus is on SUSTAINABLE packaging.

We take great pride in our efforts towards achieving sustainable packaging. Taylor Packaging recycles 95% of the scrap materials generated from the production process. TPC just recently updated our entire facility to LED lighting and installed solar panels to help power our facility. Read all about it here.
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