Our PHS6-1418 semi-automatic rotary type Clamshell and Blister sealer is able to send your product to market in a secure fashion. Designed for medium to high volume productions, these machines may be used to seal plastic-to-plastic clamshells as well as conventional carded blisters, full face blisters and half clamshell styles.

Finished Fullfillment Product Ready for Shipping
With our new blister edge folding machines, we are able to take your blister and fold over 3 sides. This allows you to slide your printed graphics card into the back side of the beaded blister and protect your product. It is then ready for display.

Beaded/Slide Blister Front View

Beaded/Slide Blister Back View

Clamshells are manufactured at Taylor Packaging and backer cards are produced. Product is shipped to us and we assemble the entire package. We have a rotary sealer as an option to secure the package all the way around the perimeter if requested. Finished product is then case packed and shipped direct to your distributors or specified location.

The Thermoforming Specialists with the Patented VersaCLAM™ Technology

Our focus is on SUSTAINABLE packaging.

We take great pride in our efforts towards achieving sustainable packaging. Taylor Packaging recycles 95% of the scrap materials generated from the production process. TPC just recently updated our entire facility to LED lighting and installed solar panels to help power our facility. Read all about it here.
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