Interested in a custom packaging, but need to watch your costs? Consider our most popular and cost-effective product, the VersaCLAM™. Taylor Packaging offers more than seventy stock VersaCLAM™ tools and hundreds of stock cavities which could dramatically reduce tooling costs or possibly eliminate them all together. We can create a custom clamshell without the added expenses by using our stock male base tool along with your custom cavity.

You can download a full list of clamshell sizes here.

Why pay for an expensive mold and tooling? Using our male base tool and your custom cavities, you get the options of a custom clamshell without the associated expenses. You pay for the cavities and we'll take care of the rest. Please Note: Some cavities may require custom dies and plates.

The Thermoforming Specialists with the Patented VersaCLAM™ Technology

Our focus is on SUSTAINABLE packaging.

We take great pride in our efforts towards achieving sustainable packaging. Taylor Packaging recycles 95% of the scrap materials generated from the production process. TPC just recently updated our entire facility to LED lighting and installed solar panels to help power our facility. Read all about it here.
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